Bespoke Database/Management Systems

Small Business Management Solutions

Whether you are a business needing to get closer to customers, seeking to improve relationships, or just wanting to get a better view of your business, one of our databases can help.

Why do you need a database?

Your company and its people create vast quantities of data every day. Each time someone picks up the phone and talks to a customer, goes out to meet a new sales prospect, or follows up a promising lead, they learn something new and potentially valuable. Where do you record this information? On a notepad? Or memorised by that member of staff? What happens to this information if that member of staff leaves? Your business may be losing some valuable information with them...

The simple solution is a database that logs all your interactions with your current customers and even potential customers, otherwise known as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Our system can also handle your interactions with your suppliers, staff, contractors and even your stock all in one place.

Our Features

  • Quickly and Easily manage and follow-up sales leads
  • Easily manage sales through to completion
  • Track and improve staff productivity
  • Instant access to customers' complete history with your company
  • Detailed analytical reports for better management
  • Manage staff, stock and supplier interactions
  • Generate reports for your accountant/accounts department
  • Customised to suit the way your business works